Hahnia cf. okefinokensis Chamberlin & Ivie 1934
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Locality: Mexico: San Luis Potosi, Xilitla City, Las Pozas 21°23'50" N 98°59'38" W 600 m. 10-15 June 2012 Aracnolab leg Species ID: Garcilazo-Cruz Specimens: 1 female. Image voucher #: JAM412.   Taxonomic Notes: Differs from H. okefinokensis in the shape of spermathecae and the distance between the copulatory ducts and the genital opening.

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Habitus dorsal view.

Habitus ventral view.

Habitus lateral view.

Prosoma anterior view.

Spinnerets ventral view.

Epigynum ventral view.

Epigynum ventral view.

Epigynum dorsal view.