Araneomorphae and Pseudoscorpiones from
Estación de Biología Los Tuxtlas IB-UNAM

Dr. Fernando Alvarez Padilla


Please click on this link to download the Excel data set for this inventory. It includes the raw data for all analyses published in Álvarez-Padilla et al. 2020 "TUXV_2016_2018.xlsx".

This Spider Inventory of Araneomorphae includes 235 species documented with 2,576 compound images. Our results show a 83% of completeness based on several non-parametric and parametric species richness estimators that vary from 312 to 424. For the complete inventory and to cite this website please refer to:

Álvarez-Padilla F. Galán-Sánchez MA. and Salgueiro-Sepúlveda, FJ. 2020. A protocol for documenting spider biodiversity inventories with websites applied to a Mexican Tropical Wet Forest (Araneae: Araneomorphae). Zootaxa. 4722 (3): 241-269.

Taxonomic Names Updated in Álvarez-Padilla et al. 2020.

Acanthoctenus spiniger = Acanthoctenus sp01 = Species code CTENID0041
Ctenus convexus = Kiekie garifuna = CTENID0042
Ctenus peregrinus = Ctenus nr hibernalis = CTENID0043
Ctenus sp01 = Leptoctenus sp01 = CTENID0044
Kiekie curvipes = Kiekie nr_curvipes = CTENID0045
Phoroncidia sp01 = Chthonos sp01 = THERID0190
Glenognatha sp01 = Glenognatha minuta = TETRAG0151
Anyphaena sp02 = Anyphaena proba = ANYPHA0003
Grammonota nr_teresta = Grammonota sp03 = LINYPH0063
Modisimus sp02 = Modisimus nr_inornatus = PHOLCI0101
Beata sp28 = Beata nr_hispida = SALTIC0113
Corythalia sp04 = Corythalia binotata = SALTIC0119
Scytodes sp02 = Scytodes championi = SCYTOD0138
Scytodes sp01 = Scytodes intricata = SCYTOD0137
Dipoena nr_atlantica = Dipoena atlantica = THERID0170
Hentziectypus florens = Hentziectypus sp01 = THERID0184
Neospintharus concisus = Neospintharus rioensis = THERID0188
Thymoites sp02 = Thymoites luculentus = THERID0202
Tidarren sp02 = Tidarren mixtum = THERID0191
Phycosoma sp02 = Tidarren mixtum = THERID0191
Tidarren sp01 = Tidarren mixtum = THERID0191

Important: Tidarren mixtum was synonymized with two species giving a new total of 235 please apply these changes to the Excel data set if you use these data. Theridiidae is the family with more changes.

We would like to acknowledge Antonio Galán Sánchez, Nicolas Hazzi, Paulo Pantoja and Jimmy Cabra for these changes.

Locality data and descritpion

Locality data: México, Veracruz, San Andrés Tuxtla, Estacion Los Tuxtlas IB-UNAM. Plot 1 ha. Central Coordinates 18.58225, -95.07558333, Alt. 217-172 m. Tropical Wet forest, Lab. Aracnologia FC-UNAM. Follow this link to a Google Earth view of the one hectare polt.

Los Tuxtlas Tropical Biology Station is found at the northernmost distribution of the lowland tropical rainforest in the Neotropics. It comprises 647 hectares of tropical rainforest embedded in close to 155,123 ha which are part of the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve. This field station, founded in 1967, belongs to the Institute of Biology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The main objectives of the field station are research and conservation of the tropical rainforest.

Los Tuxtlas field station has been operating for over 50 years and it is one of a few in the set of field stations in the Nootropic where long-term research has been carried out on biodiversity inventories, as well as studies on plant demography, natural regeneration of the forest, physiological ecology of plants, ecological interactions between plants and animals, primate ecology, avian, amphibian and reptile ecology, and forest fragmentation, among other major research areas. The diversity of invertebrates is immense and only through more inventories we will be able to document and describe all the new species found in the region.

These inventory pages also include seven species of Pseudoscorpiones documented with 70 images. A total of 443 specimens (174 immatures and 269 adults) were collected with Berlese funnels, cryptic searching and pitfall traps. These seven species represent a good estimate for one hectare of leaf litter, however other methods that cover their phoretic hosts are needed.

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The authors would like to thank Rosamond I. Coates-Lutes and Estación de Biología Los Tuxtlas IB-UNAM for allowing the conduction of this inventory. Special thanks to the following arachnologists for their help with the morphospecies identifications: Wayne Maddison, Uriel Garcilazo-Cruz, J. Prószynski, J. T. Lapp, A. Santos and A. Rivera-Quiroz. Also, to the students and researchers that helped collecting specimens: Ali Zeltzin Lira-Olguin, Dulce F. Piedra-Jimenez, Uriel Garcilazo-Cruz, Ricardo Raña-Mendoza, Hugo A. Valdes, Josue Lopez-Granados, Jair Rojas-Castillo, Maira Montejo-Cruz, Edmundo Santillan-González.

Funding was provided by UNAM-DGAPA-PAPIIT project IN214916 Diversidad cibernética de dos grupos de arácnidos (Araneomorphae y Pseudoscorpionida) en la Selva Mediana Perennifolia de la Reserva de Los Tuxtlas.

Picture captions: Left picture: Hugo Valdes, Josué López, Dulce Piedra, Francisco Salgueiro, Fernando Alvarez, Antonio Galán and Uriel Garcilazo. Right picture: Fernando Alvarez, Antonio Galán, Dulce Piedra, Ali Lira, Ricardo Raña.