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Our laboratory studies the diversity and taxonomy of Araneomorphae or non "tarantulas" spiders. The tools we use include: biological inventories, databases of digital images, descriptions of new species and the publication of their faunistic data. The image databeses were created to: allow direct comparisons between inventories specially for undescribed or problematic taxa, to assist in the description of new species and to provide the first spider collection completely sorted to morphospecies and documented with high resolution digital images.

An excellent introduction to the biology of the Order Araneae are the books: Biology of Spiders 3ed (Foelix 2011), Spiders of North America an identification Manual (Ubick et al 2005) and Spider Families of the World (Dippenaar-Schoeman Jocque & 2006).

An excellent paper that describes spider Biodiversity using web pages is: Miller JA, Miller JH, Pham D-S, Beentjes KK (2014) Cyberdiversity: Improving the Informatic Value of Diverse Tropical Arthropod Inventories. PLoS ONE 9(12): e115750. doi:10. 1371/journal.pone.0115750. Previously we used the term Cyberdiversity to refer to our web pages, however we think that the term Biodiversity is more accurate.

Biodiversity Inventory Pages

We have 4,358 images for 365 morphospecies and species of Araneomorphae
and 14 Pseudoscorpiones.

Please visit our Biodiversity pages and enjoy!

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